Need Help with the Seasons Calendar and Class Schedule?

Where Can I Find the Calendar?

If you scroll down to the bottom of our Seasons Learning home page, you’ll find our Google calendar. As well, important upcoming dates are listed beside the calendar. To change months, click the arrows in the top right corner. To see the calendar full screen, click the link that reads “ See the Full Calendar.”

Seasons Calendar demo.png

Where can I find the Class Schedule?

Go to the Seasons Learning home page, and click on the tab for Learning. Note: you may need to delete the green banner first – just click on the x at the end of the banner. Then, click on Class Schedule.

home page class schedule.png

Once you’re on the Class Schedules page, use the arrows in the top right corner to navigate to the day you’d like to see. If you’re looking for one class date/time, note that you can also find specific days/times on class overview pages.

class schedule screen shot.png