Seasons "National Encourage a Young Writer Day" Contest


At Seasons, we are passionate about our young writers. In honor of "National Encourage a Young Writer Day," we are super excited to begin a creative writing contest for 12 - 17 years old. The winner will receive a plush version of the monster in the image above.

The details of the contest are:

  • Write an original short story about the characters in the image above (monster and little boy)

  • Author of the entry must be 12 - 17 years old

  • The story must be 2 - 3 pages

  • Email the story to

  • Submit the entry by noon on May 6th to enter into the contest

  • The most creative story will win a plush version of the monster in the drawing above.

We can't wait to read all your wonderfully creative stories. Happy writing!!!

Also, be sure to check out our writing classes for Middle and High School students at

Leah Giorlando