Ethics: A Survey taught by Joseph Ray


Thank you for considering Ethics: A Survey for your high schooler. What exactly is covered in this class? Glad you asked! Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, EVERYTHING! No really, we even include modern day understandings of ethics and eastern philosophical models.

However, that is not even close to the best part about the class. In every class, I pose a series of questions to the students. They must systematically work through ethical conundrums, constantly questioning and searching for the “why” behind their answers. I tailor my feedback to the student; using the Bible for answers. I use it myself. I also utilize logic (philosophical logic that is). The student is primarily graded on class participation, since (as per Socrates) philosophy must always be a dialogue and I never require students to agree with me, the teacher.

  • Want to see if your values are being passed on? Read your child’s answers to the homework.

  • Want your child to be ready for what the world will throw at him or her? Let your child practice with me, where it is safe. Then you can come behind and talk to them about your family's beliefs.

After all, in order to know what classes a student should study, you must first know what counts as "should". This is the realm of Ethics.

Joseph Ray,

Seasons Instructor