Seasons Sanctuary

With Seasons Sanctuary, we’re working toward providing a place for couples, families and groups to join us for times of refreshment, respite and restoration. We seek to encourage overall health and peace to those who long to rest, grow and even give back through healthy labor and ministration. We’ve just begun to actively work out a vision for this non-profit aspect of Seasons, LLC. With the primary goal of bringing life and hope to those who need it, we’re working on creating a center and temporary housing for couples/families in crisis, youth groups, retreats, etc. We envision Seasons Sanctuary as a place to share our gifts, and those of our talented fellow humans by offering accommodations, counseling, physical therapy and whatever our Creator desires us to give back. At this time, we’re in the planning stages of our property and seeking our non-profit status. Honestly, it will require a great deal of support beyond our own efforts. If you’d like to learn more about how to support us in this beautiful endeavor to make the world a bit better place; how to bring healing, joy and peace to our fellow humans and how to be a part of our Sanctuary support team, please email us at and note that you want to learn more about how to support Seasons Sanctuary. If you just want to be updated on our progress, click here to be added to our email list.


Pastor Ismael’s Charity