About Our Natural Products

Several years ago, we started the process of switching from the chemical products in our homes to natural products. After much research, trial and error, and practicing on our own bodies and households, we developed a product recipe book. As we became more and more comfortable with natural cleaners and home remedies, we desired to share our newfound health with others. We hit the Farmers Market and found a lovely group of humans who enjoyed and appreciated our discoveries. So, now we’re bringing them to the broader online world!

Natural products = “any substance produced by life”

We love the life we’re living and seek to share that with our fellow humans and pets through our foaming hand soaps, body wash, dog shampoo, insect repellent and more. We’re excited to walk this path with you toward a healthier lifestyle through fewer unnatural chemicals. We even offer you the opportunity to custom design your own products by choosing the essential oils you prefer.

Seasons natural products contain 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, along with plant and mineral ingredients to encourage positive healthy living. Note that due to our desire not to use chemical preservatives, most of our products are best used within 6 months and any product made with real essential oils should not be stored in direct sunlight or high temperatures.